No News Wednesday

I was going to blog every day this week.

Yeaaahhhh. I got nothin’.

So I was gonna make fried chicken for dinner but there were bugs in my flour (sad face!), so I crushed up some stale Cracklin’ Oat Bran to use as a crumb coating, and it was kinda mediocre but I bet it would make a decent pie crust. The cereal, not the chicken. If I baked pies. Which I don’t.

Man, I tell some fascinating stories.

I kinda flaked out during lunch today. There was a tailgate cookout at work, which should have been great because hey! free food! But I had an attack of the Massive Uncertainties – felt like I was in everybody’s way, couldn’t think of anything to talk about, stood around looking nervous, lots of awkward silences. Eventually I went inside to give myself a pep talk (find somebody to ask about their vacation! Compliment somebody’s haircut! Ask about their dog! COME ON, you got this), but just decided to go back to work early instead.

Waah waah waah. Sad trombone. I was really mad at myself for not staring anxiety in the face. (And then kicking it into submission and stealing its wallet.) But I guess everybody has days where they lose a couple rounds to old demons. Next time there’s mingling to be done, I’ll have those questions about your dog prepared ahead of time.

I’m thinking of going to a tarot card reader. Not because I believe in fortune telling. More like I really just want somebody to tell me what to do. My friends are all REALLY GOOD at listening sympathetically, but they’re oddly reluctant to just dictate my big life decisions. Weird. I sure hope professional astrologers have no such scruples.



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2 responses to “No News Wednesday

  1. I wish the description of that feeling wasn’t so familiar. That’s something I struggle with quite frequently, too. It’s no fun, obviously, but maybe it helps to know you’re not the only one struggling with it.

  2. Sherry Seelhoff

    Oh, I was going to say we must be related, because I have the same stuff going on in my head. Who’s genes can we blame?

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